Mercedes modifications


Mercedes Classic Car Improvements.

The kits we make are all aimed at adapting your classic Mercedes to the requirements of everyday use. This applies to both performance and fuel consumption. An important improvement can be achieved by applying a modern 722.6.. automatic transmission in your classic Mercedes . The latest version adaptor kit for connecting a modern five speed 722.6…  transmission to a OM617 and M110  engine is always in stock.
This kit is compatible  with diesel engines  OM617/615/616 and compatible petrol engines like the famose  M110. Special adaptor kits for the M114 M123 M115/ M130 engines have a different flexplate and a
extra crankshaft center hole reducer and also available.

Kits for M116 and M117 Cast Iron are expected later this year . For pre-orders please sent me mail.

Ordering  information:  Kit M110 / OM617  version  sept 2021

Or  Kit M116 / M117.  version 1.   end of 2022 depending on the pre-orders

Other compatible transmissions 722.606  722.607  722.609 722.610 722.618 722.623 722.624 722.628 722.630 722.632722.633 722.636 722.638  and many more