Mercedes modding 722.6 adaptor kit

Modifying your classic Mercedes M110 or OM 617  engine with a modern  5 gear automatic gearbox  ( 755.6.. series )
First question  is why ? : You  have  a 3 or 4 gear  automatic transmission and you will get a 5 gear automatic transmission with a lockup convertor and  the possibility for a paddle shifter.
Even with the standard motor you will have improvement of engine  performance and your fuel economy will improve . The fifth gear is an overdrive  and the lockup will can be activated in gears 3, 4 a 5

This classic Mercedes upgrade will make your car more compatible for daily use

What do you need  :
1  A lot of self confidence creativity  and guts
2 A Car with a petrol engine  M110 , M114 ,M115 or  M
or : a diesel engine  OM617 ,OM615 , or  OM616
3 : transmission  722.6…   (see selection list )
4 : electronic controller .   see
5 And  of course  a Connection c.q. adaptor  Kit .  This part you can order here

Some impressions :


Latest version sept 2019: