Mercedes 722.6 automatic gearbox adaptor kit


Mercedes modification with the 722.6 adapter set

Adapting your classic Mercedes M110 or OM 617 engine with a modern 5-speed automatic gearbox (755.6.. series) is now possible. The first question, of course, is why? Below are five good reasons – you have an automatic transmission with 3 or 4 gears and you get a automatic transmission with 5 gears. -The 722.6.. transmission lockup in the torque converter provides a priss direct connection to the wheels at a fixed speed – possibility for a manual paddle shifter. Even with a standard engine you will have an improvement in engine performance and will reduce your fuel consumption. Fifth gear is an overdrive and the lockup can also be activated in gears 3, 4 and 5 This classic Mercedes upgrade makes your car more drivable and more suitable for everyday use

What do you need  :

1  A lot of self confidence creativity  and guts
2 A Car with a petrol engine  M110 , M114 ,M115 or  M…. let us know
or : a diesel engine  OM617 ,OM615 , or  OM616
3 : transmission  722.6…   (see selection list )
4 : For the electronic controller see the  website
5  :And  of course  a Connection c.q. adaptor  Kit .  This part you can order here

When converting an old type of automatic gearbox to a new type of automatic gearbox, you run into a number of issues that need to be solved. (depending on the car and model)
-TPS sensor. (models of a W2… are the most useful)
-Shortening a 722.6.. drive /prop shaft . (we can supply that )
-Solution for analog speedo ‘s (a VDO 110mm / a GPSspeedo / or a modified w126 unit)
-Speed sensor (Integrate a sensor in a front wheel and count the brake disc bolts) w114 or use ABS sensor hub ( w123 w116)

Some impressions :

M110 engine with a 722.6

first version  2016  M110 adaptor for a 722.6 automatic transmission

Third version 2022  of the adapter kit.

For the latest versions see  here