Mercedes classic car modifications


Mercedes Classic Car Improvement.

The kits we make are all aimed at adapting your classic Mercedes to the requirements of today’s daily use.
This applies to both performance and fuel consumption. You can achieve a major improvement by using a modern 722.6.. automatic transmission in your classic Mercedes
The latest version adaptor kit for connecting a modern five speed 722.6…  transmission to a OM617 and M110  engine is always in stock. This kit is also compatible  with diesel engines  OM617/615/616 .
We have special adaptor kits for the M114 M123 M115 M130 M180 engines.
The above models are available with the option of a 60-2 trigger ring for use in combination with electronic fuel injection.
New product in this range of adaptors are  kits for the M116 and M117 Cast Iron  engines.

For all these applications, an OFGEAR controller is required for the 722.6 automatic transmissions to function.

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