EFI M110


EFI kits for M110 engines
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Mega squirt controller in IP64 housing:


Below are some solutions for issues you will encounter with a modern EFI installation,

Throttle position  sensor :
Tps sensor universal Tps sensor compact  (d jet -tronic ) construction.

Trigger signals : ( basis of every EFI system )

This is a test setting for a sensor triggerwheel combination.
A very importand check if you have a new combination  triggerwheel and  VR sensor .

M110 60-2 trigger wheel  in combination with a  722.6.. transmission adaptor kit.
This is the best trigger solution for this engine  ( p.s works also fine without adaptor kit ofcourse)
In combination  with a “cam” trigger you will be able  to run your engine beautifully  full sequential.A extra cam puls is needed to run full sequential.

A completely different approach for getting a trigger signal is explained here under.
Fast reliable and cheap solution for triggering the EFI can be made on your cam tooth wheel. I  created this cam trigger solution to make it cheap simple and reliable . (simultane injection)