adaptor kit M110 engine with 716 six speed gearbox

This new kit will make it possible to put a six speed gear box behind a M110 engine .
Because this engine is used in a big variety of car models from w114 w107 w123 G- wagon etc we can’t predict for all these models what hurdles have to be taken.

Many will ask : will also fit to a diesel OM617/ OM616?    yes it will fit but mercedes diesels and manual  clutch are not very good combinations in passenger cars  so we don’t  recommend that .

Contact me for more information .

Preview  flywheel  adaptor for this mercedes 716.646  six speed gearbox

The adapted flywheel mounted on a M110>


In the center there is new prise-axle assemly with bearing.


Balancing the fly wheel  before mounting to the engine.