Speed sensor .

The 722.6 has a internal speed sensor to determine the car speed. This signal is used for the electronic controller from Ofgear or PCS  Due to rotational backlash it give’s sometimes shifting problems especially at low speeds you will get irregular readings and consequently strange shifting.

So it will be obvious that a ABS sensor in a front wheel will give the best stable signal .
All other solutions : from bad to good
1 ABS sensor if equipped on your differential
2 Integrate a sensor on your crown wheel inside your differential
3 Integrate a sensor ring + sensor in a rear wheel
4 Integrate a sensor ring + sensor in a front wheel

All suggested other solutions on the internet maybe also work.
Better solution?  Let me know peter@agens-bv.nl

collected tips and tricks

More tips and tricks:

Shortening a drive shaft :W123 and W114/115
step one :
– The new drive 722.6 shaft needs to be about one inch shorter than the original one
– Take one drive shaft from a “modern” 722.6 car .
– The spline side will fit to the 123 shaft but the shaft will be to long .
– Shortening :
– Make a marking along the full length before cutting out the part you want to shorten.
– Be sure that you make a straight cut
– look /make a inside liner bush about four inch long ( some say an outside liner bush is easier to find )
– Put them together and line them up and weld them.
– Static balancing is good enough or go to the electric motor revision shop for a dynamic balancing they will do it for not much money
(ps I have never seen big unbalance results after shortening )